Belleville Kan Build Rocky Pond Christmas Displays


We have received several scale sketches for potential displays at Rocky Pond, courtesy of Ali Peace, who is a good friend of Tom's who just believes in the mission of Rocky Pond Christmas. Be sure to find her on Facebook thank her. She normally charges big money for her ideas, let alone her art.

Her drawings are for fanciful, cartoon-esque pictures intended to be made out of 5/16, 3/8 or 1/2" steel rod. The steel needs to be painted for durability, then lights will be attached to the frames. We would like all this work done in Belleville so that future generations can say, "I built that!" "My dad built that!" "Our Community built that!" "Those are manufactured right here in Belleville!" "I work at the Christmas displays factory!" "I volunteer with the Christmas display every year because it makes so many people happy!"

Click each link to see the sketch. They are drawn to scale. Each box can be one foot or two feet, so the display pieces will be four or eight feet in size.

Once welded together, the welder will have to add pieces to give each piece stability, and a way to stand it up (either stab it into the ground, or make a stand.

Taller pieces will need loops to which guy wires can be attached.

Every piece we build should be spec'd out so that it can be easily repeated (duplicated) for future use. We can sell the pieces in order to raise funds for expanding Rocky Pond Christmas.

Cat with Santa hat
Gold Pig (Czech)
Polar bear
Chocolate Kiss
Dala Horse (Swedish)
Heart Throb
Wheat sheave
High Banks